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The UScellular Protect app helps you secure your personal information, solve technical issues, and optimize device performance.

With the UScellular Protect app you have access to features that help you:

  • Run diagnostics
  • Monitor device performance
  • Access useful tips
  • Diagnose and prevent issues
  • Avoid data overages


UScellular customers enrolled in Device Protection+ get access to enhanced features including:

  • Secure Backup - Back up and restore up to 100GB** of content you can't live without.
  • Antivirus - Software that safeguards your device and personal info from potential hackers and other threats.
  • Locate, Alert, Lock and Wipe - If your device gets lost or stolen, the app will help you find it, sound an alarm, remotely lock it, and wipe all your sensitive data.
  • Tech Support+§ by tapping "LIVE HELP" in the app which helps resolve issues like:
    • Setup, Installation & Troubleshooting
    • Device-to-Device Connectivity
    • Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi & more
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* You must download and register to have access to the features of the UScellular Protect app. Availability and features may vary by device, operating system, or plan. Data charges may apply. During registration, you will be provided the End User Licensing Agreement, which includes your rights for the product and the product's terms of use. The UScellular Protect app is not an insurance product or a service contract, and is part of the Device Protection+ program.

** 100GB is only available for Device Protection+ Advanced plans. 20GB for Standard plans.

Antivirus, Alert, Lock and Wipe are only available for Android devices.

§ Tech Support+ is not an insurance product or service contract.