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Assurant Reviews

We have 350,000 ratings across Assurant at 4.65 out of 5.



Every day, people just like you depend on us to keep them connected to the loved ones, friends and mobile activities that matter most to them. We understand how important this is to you and we're committed to delivering exceptional customer service every step of the way. But don't take our word for it!
Take a peek at what some of our Assurant Solutions Mobile Services customers have to say:

"The process of obtaining information to get the device was quick and easy, thanks to the friendly reps who are willing to work with customers. I would recommend the service to every person I know." 

-Eusebia, Florida


"I simply called in and was helped immediately. Then when I went into the store, I was taken care of with no hassle." 

-Satisfied customer, Texas


"The claim form was fast and easy to fill out. I received a response almost immediately after it was filed. My cell phone is my only phone, so I was pleased with the quick response and fast delivery." 

-Jessica, California


"The rep I spoke to was professional, friendly and fast. I wish more customer services could be like what she provided." 

-Ammondo, North Carolina


"Assurant is the best I've ever had; they're efficient and that's exactly what you need in this kind of situation." 

-Jonathan, New York


"Customer service was excellent: the representative understood the urgency of the situation and resolved the issue right away...great job!" 

-Arpita, Maryland


"Initially I dragged my feet, thinking the process would be challenging, but with one call my issues were addressed. My claim was filed and processed and two days later I had the replacement." 

-Scott, Florida


"The service was quick and stress-free."

-Delores, Florida


"Exceptional customer service was provided to me on the phone. I was stressed because my new phone had been stolen, but his assistance made me feel at ease. I had my replacement within 48 hours."

-Niall, New York


"It was quick and easy. All my problems were solved and I was able to get my cell phone the next business day." 

-Shaundrea, California


"I had the misfortune of losing my brand new device, but they sent me a new one without hassle." 

-Meriam, New Jersey


"The customer service is excellent: they are knowledgeable and offer solutions quickly." 

-Vanessa, Florida


"The service was easy to use; the customer service people were friendly and informative; the replacement phone was the same as the one I broke and it was received as quickly as humanly possible."

-Mary, Washington


"Assurant is the fastest service company ever." 

-Ambachew, Nevada


"Easy-to-complete claim form, excellent customer service follow up, and rapid phone shipment!" 

-Rachel, Washington


"I have had to use the service several times for my grandchildren's phones. The service is consistently excellent. It is obvious you value customers and the service you provide. Thank you."

-Wanda, Texas


"It made my day when I received my replacement the next morning. Thank you very much for meeting my needs. Keep up the great job."

-Donna, New York


"I got my device with fast and easy shipping and it works perfectly." 

-Jetta, California


"The replacement came quickly and was just perfect. I couldn't ask for better service. "

-Samed, New York


"The service was so efficient. I could not believe my replacement phone was delivered within hours of my phone call to report my problem. My daughter joked that they must have had a store around the corner. "

-Donald, Florida


"This was my first time using the service and it's everything I expected. The delivery of the device was timely; the process was easy. Best of all, the associates were knowledgeable and friendly."

-Darrius, Massachusetts


"Everything was handled quickly. I was on the phone with the representative for less than 5 minutes! My replacement device was overnighted, so I was never without a phone! Great experience!"

-Homero, Texas


"When my phone was stolen, I called and made my claim. Less than 24 hours later I had my replacement phone in my hand. You can't get better than that! Thanks!"

-Patricia, Georgia


"My new device was sent out overnight. I was ecstatic, considering my daughter lost her phone. The replacement was part of her Christmas gift and she had it on Christmas Day! I'm a happy customer."

-Tara, Illinois


"I received what was promised to me when I was offered the coverage. The response was immediate and reassuring. I'm grateful to have an insurer like Assurant, especially with so many dishonest people out there. Thank you, Assurant, for giving us this protection."

-Tonette, Hawaii


"I was trusted and I truly felt like a valued customer."

-Flemin, Texas


"I was a complete wreck when my phone flew off the back of my car after I left it there when I stopped for gas. It was Christmas time and I thought I would miss my family phone calls: my son is in the military. I was crying, but your rep was so kind and comforting. The phone shipped and I got it on Christmas Eve! Thank you so much!"

-Elizabeth, New Hampshire


"Thanks for quality service from the start. Losing a phone … the prompt service made up for the stressful and emotional time. Thanks so much."

-Daniel, New York


"The device I got is amazing."

-Angelica, Texas


"The process with Assurant Solutions is quick and straightforward. It was hassle-free and I was satisfied."

-Yanet, Texas


"Fast service. It's a great idea to have this coverage!"

-Steve, California


"Everything was handled and I could not be happier to get my phone and peace of mind back. Thank you for everything."

-David, California


"I figured it would take more time and a lot of waiting, so I was surprised at how quickly everything happened from filing the claim online to receiving my device. I would definitely recommend your insurance to all my friends and family."

-Tomas, Texas


"I felt like a valued customer; I wasn't criticized for needing the service and it went pretty fast."

-Stacy, Minnesota


"I have had to use you a couple of times and you are always accommodating and quick to respond so we do not go without our devices for any long period of time. Thank you."

-Lori, Utah


"I'm impressed with the great customer service, easy and efficient process, and fast shipping. I'm so glad I have this protection plan!"

-Catherine, New Mexico


"You guys are always a big help and do everything you can to help your customers."

-Julie, California


"Awesome delivery time, effortless set up. A+"

-Benito, Arizona


"Customer service was exceptional. I was satisfied with the claim procedures and delivery of the device."

-Jose, California


"With this recent claim, I was happy about the enclosed prepaid envelope that could be dropped off at any U.S. post office. Also, I received this phone in less time than what I expected and it works great!"

-Jose, Texas


"It's an inexpensive way to get your phone not only fixed, but also completely replaced with a brand new one. Shipping was ridiculously fast. It's a quick, affordable, painless, and perfect program."

-Deanna, Arizona


"Claims are handled professionally, quickly and courteously. The turnaround time is great because being without a phone is such an inconvenience. I would recommend everyone with a cell phone get the insurance; things happen all the time."

-Debra, California


"I did not have my original device for long and received a refurbished one in place of it. I thought I would not like it if I did not got a new one, but I really cannot tell the difference. Thank you for the prompt response."

-Lois, Maryland


"I was able to file my claim in a few short minutes. The representative was helpful and friendly and he made the process so easy. Excellent customer service!"

-Melissa, California


"I was so lost without my phone; however, the process was fast - no long phone calls - and my phone was delivered quickly."

-Kenya, Maryland


"The representative I spoke with was helpful and courteous. I received my phone in the time indicated, and I was happy with the phone I received. I've told my friends about the quickness of your service."

-Rita, California


"You are fast and prompt. Exactly what I needed."

-Vicente, California


"Because you were effective with taking care of my needs: I was back in business in 3 days."

-Freddie, Florida


"Employees were professional and courteous and explained the process in a way I understood easily. I also received my device in a timely fashion."

-Mary, Pennsylvania


"I am pleased with the care and empathy provided by the representative who assisted me with my claim. Assurant deserves and has earned a 10 out of 10 from me. I sincerely wish the best for this company and am hopeful others follow your example."

-Jonathan, Missouri


"Your customer service was quick and impeccable."

-Theresa, Nevada


"The people I spoke with were informative, helpful, empathetic and friendly."

-Chay, New York


"Paying just a deductible instead of the full price of a brand new phone was convenient and the replacement device was perfect."

-Sandra, Texas


"The claim was handled in an outstanding manner and the device is perfect."

-Jack, Florida


"It's traumatic to lose a phone, so thank you for making this as painless as possible."

-Patrica, Connecticut


"It was my second claim in a few weeks and both times the representatives made it easy for me to file and were quick in getting me my replacement. They were truly nice, genuine people."

-Rene, Illinois


"It was fast and the new device is as good as the original."

-Diosnel, Florida


"I got exactly what I needed. I did not have to pay for a brand new phone altogether, just a small amount compared to what it would have been. I went from a shattered screen to having a new device in two days."

-Tiffany, Pennsylvania


"The wait time was fast, customer service was excellent, and there were no hassles. They walked me through the entire process."

-Ann, Texas


"I never, ever buy extended warranties, with the sole exception of Assurant. I have only had to make two claims in the past 10 years, but it's well worth the insurance."

-Christopher, Virginia


"The online process was easy and the phone was shipped within 24 hours."

-Tekeisha, Florida


"The process to file the claim was easy and fast, and the person I worked with was pleasant, professional, and helpful. The information I had when signing up for the insurance clearly outlined the process and deductible so I knew what to expect when I called."

-Cynthia, California


"The phone service rep was knowledgeable, pleasant, and patient while I was frantic because I'd just had my device taken from me. Getting my replacement was simple and quick."

-Maria, Maryland


"It is great to be able to replace your phone in a couple of days, as opposed to having to wait for weeks or months. The customer service representatives are always helpful and patient. They really make a difference when you are already upset. Thank you very much."

-Shawn, New York


"I got excellent help when I called to file my claim. The lady I spoke to answered all of my questions. I'm satisfied with my replacement device because it came the next day and it looks and works as if it's brand new."

-Jennifer, Illinois


"I received my replacement device early the next day! It was in great condition - like new - and it works well! Plus, it was an easy, simple return. Thank you!"

-Lori, Pennsylvania


"When I first broke my phone, I was a bit skeptical about it being replaced. But when they informed me of the process and kept their end of the bargain, I was happy and relieved that there was someone to help me. Thank you!"

-Jamie, Washington


"The claim process was easy with just a few quick online questions to answer. I received the replacement phone on the second business day, as promised, and was able to activate it without issue."

-Jeff, Texas


"In speaking with the representative, I found the steps simple to complete! it was just a matter of providing a few details and that was it! I received the new phone within a few days. I can't believe how easy it was. Thank you!"

-Jacqueline, North Carolina


"My phone was stolen in a hospital on a Sunday night, but the efforts on your end made it possible for me to get it overnight, which was essential to my work. The phone is in great condition and I'm satisfied."

-Crystal, Arizona


"The representative was knowledgeable, expressed sympathy with my situation, and went above and beyond to help. Keep up the good work."

-Winsome, New York


"Assurant is prompt and efficient when handling claims. It does not get any better than this."

-Sumit, Illinois


"The person I spoke to was very pleasant and went above and beyond by taking time to speak to me about my day. It's always nice when it is not all scripted wording. It shows they care."

-Nadine, Arizona


"I have always had good service from Assurant. I have a teenage son and accidents happen, but your kind customer service was there for me. No matter which carrier I choose to be with, I will always take the insurance as long as Assurant is the provider. Thank you for your fast and efficient service!"

-Yvette, California


"Assurant's Premium Handset Protection is the best I have ever seen. My phone was replaced 24 hours after I reported it stolen."

-Osarenkhoe, Texas


"Assurant is more than an insurance company; they are like family. They listen to your situation and act quickly with replacing your device."

-Rooplall, New York


"The process to call in and file a claim was so easy. I was satisfied that the service was quick, the staff was courteous, helpful, and professional, and my device was delivered when I was told to expect it. "

-Geidy, Arizona


"I've had this protection on a few devices for a few years and when I've needed it, customer service was courteous and handled my claims quickly. I have nothing but good things to say about your service. Thanks!"

-Sergio, Illinois


"The replacement device was far beyond what I expected. The quality of the device was excellent. I'm happy with my replacement."

-Teri, Hawaii


"I had help from the carrier completing the application after my phone was stolen at the post office. I was told it could take up to 24 hours to hear back about my claim, but while he was saying that the claim was approved. It couldn't have been easier."

-Traci, California


"It didn't take long for me to get my replacement and it was exactly like my first phone."

-Stacey, Delaware


"Wow. El servicio es muy rápido y tienes una respuesta favorable. Me gustó. Muchas gracias."

-Javier, Georgia


"My phone came on time just as I was told and I love it! Thanks, Assurant."

-Kiara, Texas


"It was a pleasure working with Assurant and the device is working fine. Thanks."

-Victoria, Ohio


"I'm not sure why I have bad luck with my phones, but every time I've had an issue I always know I can count on Assurant to help me get another one. It is shipped and received within 24 hours and I love not having the headache of worrying about it. Thanks, Assurant."

-Roxanna, Texas


"Assurant makes sure that you don't go without having your mobile device with their fast and easy process."

-Tiffany, Georgia


"The replacement phone was received immediately in perfect condition. They made returning the damaged device super easy as well. And filing a claim was hassle-free."

-Christine, Ohio


"I had my phone within two days (because there was a Sunday in between) and when I plugged all my old things back into it, it automatically downloaded and installed all my apps right where I had them as if nothing had changed."

-Kimberley, Idaho


"Me brindaron un servicio rápido y eficiente."

-Mercedes, Florida


"The service I received was exemplary from beginning to end. The process was simple, direct and easy to follow. The representative who assisted me over the phone was helpful, accommodating and respectful. I got the replacement device in less than 48 hours, so I was pleased overall."

-Deborah, Florida


"I bought the insurance because with a newborn, I figured my wife or I would lose or break our phones at some point. After my wife accidentally dumped her iPhone in the laundry and didn't notice, I was pleased with how quickly we were able to get a replacement. I filed a claim on a Monday morning and the replacement arrived on Tuesday. The insurance has already paid for itself."

-David, California


"The woman I spoke to on the phone was courteous and knowledgeable. If the claim was this easy to process, I don't see why people wouldn't want accident protection like this."

-Jennifer, Illinois


"This was, by far, the easiest insurance claim I have ever dealt with. It was quick and straightforward. Thanks."

-Daniel, Arizona


"I was obviously having a bad day so my mood was not great when calling in, but the agent I spoke with was so polite and I was actually smiling by the time I got off the phone."

-Monte, Florida


"I loved the service, especially the professionalism and understanding from the representative who helped get my device to me quickly. Thank you."

-William, New York


"It is uncomfortable to have property stolen while traveling, but the ease of the service was awesome! What a relief it was to be able to resolve a trying situation on the road."

-Evette, Oklahoma


"The device was a brand new replacement. The representative on the phone was clear in the company's polices, shipping was overnight, and the device was ready to be set up in a few minutes. I was impressed with the speed and the helpfulness of the whole process."

-Jose, New Jersey


"I was amazed with the consistency of the service, not to mention how the ease of the process exceeded my expectations!"

-Tamara, Nevada


"Thanks so much for your kind help. I was a nervous wreck about losing my phone, but everyone was helpful."

-Robert, Florida