What is the Pocket Geek® Mobile app?

It's an easy-to-use app* that helps you secure your data and optimize device performance. Bluegrass Cellular members enrolled in Equipment Protection Plans for smartphones and tablets have access to enhanced features, including:

  • Data Protection
    • Antivirus**
    • Locate, Alarm, Lock and Wipe
  • Device Optimization Tools†
    • Diagnostic Alerts
    • Troubleshooting
    • How-To-Guides
    • Storage Manager
    • Speed Test
  • Policy Access


* Bluegrass Cellular Equipment Protection Plan customers must download and register the Pocket Geek® Mobile app to have full access to its features. Availability and features may vary by device, operating system or protection plan. Data charges may apply. Pocket Geek® Mobile is not an insurance product or a service contract.
** Antivirus is available on Android devices.
† Device Optimization Tools are provided to Equipment Protection Plan customers at no additional cost.

Note: Pocket Geek was upgraded to Pocket Geek Mobile on January 13th, 2020. If you already have the Pocket Geek app on your device and it is set to auto-update your app, you should have the latest version of Pocket Geek Mobile installed. If your phone is not set to auto-update, please visit the App or Play Store to update to Pocket Geek Mobile.

How can I download the Pocket Geek® Mobile app?

To download, visit the corresponding app store for your operating system:

What is the benefit of granting Pocket Geek® Mobile certain permissions during setup?

On an Android device

Granting Pocket Geek® Mobile permissions at installation enables you to take full advantage of Pocket Geek® Mobile features including:

  • Locating your device
  • Sounding an alert/alarm
  • Locking and/or wipe it remotely
  • Checking for malware
  • Activating commands that were issued while your device was offline


On an iOS device

Granting Pocket Geek® Mobile permissions after installation enables you to take full advantage of Pocket Geek® Mobile features including:

  • Locating your device
  • Receiving notifications

Where can I get more support for the app?

Email for help with any app questions.

How does the Locate, Lock and Wipe feature work on my device?

On an Android device: What is the green pushpin on the map?

The red pushpin is your device's reported location.

On an iOS device: What is the blue circle on the map?

The blue pushpin is your reported location. The outer blue circle is the area your device can be located based on accuracy. The smaller the circle, the more accurate the reading.

What affects the accuracy of my location?

Many factors can contribute to poor readings. For example, if your GPS is disabled then the network accuracy will vary between 100-5,000+ meters. With GPS enabled, you can achieve accuracy down to 2.5 meters.

Note: It can take GPS up to 10 minutes to acquire enough satellites to display optimal location data. Vertical obstructions (e.g., being indoors, near tall buildings, etc.) can also affect GPS accuracy. Your location features use the same underlying location provider as Google Maps.

Why can't I establish a remote connection to my device?

This can occur if your device is turned off, the battery dies, there is no signal, it is damaged, etc. You can still issue lock, alert, and wipe commands that will be executed the next time the device has an active data connection.

Do I need to have Location Services and wireless networks enabled?

Failing to enable wireless networks (Wi-Fi and cellular data) may prevent you from establishing a remote connection.

For the best location accuracy and connectivity, we recommend enabling both wireless networks and Location Services. Often your device will get its first location fix with the wireless network location provider, and then will get more accurate as the GPS starts acquiring more satellites. Enabling your wireless networks may help improve the possibility to locate in the event of your device not getting a fix on enough GPS satellites.

Will Pocket Geek Mobile location features work if my device is inside a building?

Location features rely on GPS, cell tower triangulation, and known Wi-Fi hotspots to locate and track your device. For location features to work most reliably, you should enable Location Services, cellular data, and Wi-Fi. Failure to enable one of these radios may prevent you from establishing a remote connection. For optimal location accuracy and connectivity, we recommend enabling both wireless networks and GPS.

Will enabling GPS drain my battery?

Your Pocket Geek® Mobile feature only uses your GPS when you initiate a remote connection. If you see the GPS icon on at any other time it is being used by another application you have installed. Contrary to popular belief, enabling the GPS does not actually mean the GPS is consuming any power. GPS will not start looking for signals unless a GPS enabled application is running. This is drastically different from other networks (3G/4G, WiFi, Bluetooth), which constantly try to seek out signals, and thus consume battery power even when they are not used.

What if I lock my device and forget my password? (Android Only)

If you remotely lock your device, and later find it but can't remember what password you used, you can issue another lock command with a different password. Once the device locks again, you can enter the new password to unlock your device.

How do I uninstall Pocket Geek® Mobile from my device?

For Apple devices: Pocket Geek® Mobile uninstalls like any third-party app.  Touch and hold the Pocket Geek Mobile app icon on your device's Home screen until the icon starts to jiggle. Tap the x situated on the corner of the app icon and tap Delete to uninstall. If you would like to cancel or stop uninstalling the application, simply tap Cancel and/or the Home button.

For Android devices: If your device has device administrator privileges enabled, you will not be able to uninstall Pocket Geek® Mobile without removing them first. Device administrator options are available in the device's settings:

  • Menu > Settings > Security > Device administrators> Deactivate
  • Once Pocket Geek® Mobile is deactivated, it uninstalls like any third-party app
  • Settings > Application Manager > Pocket Geek > Uninstall

Important: Pocket Geek® by Assurant® was upgraded to Pocket Geek® Mobile on January 13th, 2020. The Pocket Geek® app is no longer available for download. If you decide to uninstall the Pocket Geek® app, you will not be able to reinstall it onto your device. Instead, you can install the Pocket Geek Mobile app onto your device.

How does 90-Day Credit Monitoring work for Preferred Plan customers?

90-Day Credit Monitoring is a benefit provided to customers enrolled in the Equipment Protection Preferred Plan. This benefit is effective one day after your replacement device is shipped (only applicable to approved loss/theft claims). You must register via the email link in order to be enrolled in daily credit monitoring.

What is credit monitoring?

Credit Monitoring is a fraud-prevention service, which scans your credit file daily to see if key information has changed or if new data has been added. You will receive an email alert whenever we detect a significant change on your report. That way, you can review the change and determine if it is fraudulent activity.

What's considered a significant change?

You will be alerted in the event of a change to one or more of the following:

  • New inquiries
  • New accounts opened in your name
  • Late payments
  • Improvements in your file
  • Bankruptcies and other public records
  • New addresses
  • New employers

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Call us toll free at 1-800-825-7161, M-F 8 am - 8pm, ET.

When will I receive my first daily monitoring alerts?

Rest assured that we monitor your credit file on a daily basis. You will be sent an email alert whenever a key change is detected on your credit file. If you are a new member, please note that it may take a few days from the date you registered, for you to be enrolled in daily credit monitoring. A summary of all notifications is available online by logging into the member website.

What is the cost?

There is no additional cost for this benefit. It is provided to you as part of the Equipment Protection Preferred Plan.