What options are available for my damaged device?

During the claim process you’ll be presented with repair or replacement service options based on your device make, model and reason for claim.

Where do I take my device to be repaired?

During the claim filing process, you’ll be able to select a service location convenient for you. Once the claim is approved the service location will receive the work request and you’ll receive an email confirmation/notification.

Do I need to make an appointment for a repair?

No, you don’t need an appointment. As soon as we approve your claim, we’ll let the location know that you’ll be taking your device for repair

What is the service fee/deductible for repairs?

The service fee/deductible for screen repair is $29 for smartphones.

What if my device can’t be repaired?

Don’t worry! If the device can’t be repaired, you can contact us to get a replacement device. For a replacement, you may need to pay an additional service fee/deductible.

What is the fastest way to file a claim and use AppleCare Services?

You can start the claim process with Assurant® by clicking on the File/Track Claim box available on most pages on our website. Enter your mobile number, ESN, or IMEI, complete the security check and click Submit. You’ll be on your way to filing a claim! Just continue to follow the instructions on the screen. You can also call 1-888-352-9183.

How many claims does AppleCare Services allow?

There’s a maximum of two approved accidental damage claims within 24 months through AppleCare Services. These claims count toward your plan’s claim limit. There’s no maximum for hardware service claims within 24 months through AppleCare Services. Once your Apple® device is no longer eligible for AppleCare Services, our obligations to you will be provided by another authorized repair center.

I just processed my second accidental damage claim through AppleCare Services. What’s next?

With AppleCare Services, after the first two accidental damage claims go through Apple®, future accidental damage claims will be handled by Assurant®. You can still go to Apple for Hardware Services.